Safety shoes are compulsory in many workplaces. You probably understand their importance and are willing to get a pair or two. Now, what you want to know is “what is the price of a safety shoe?” As your safety plug, trust us to have answers for you!

Factors Affecting the Price of a Safety Shoe

When you decide to get safety shoes, you’ll want to consider your budget. There are lots of safety shoes with different qualities to pick from. The price of safety shoes are influenced by several factors, including:

  • Material used for the upper
  • Sole materials used
  • Brand and quality of the safety shoe
  • Features of the safety shoe
  • Level of protection
  • Level of comfort
  • The design and versatility of the safety boot
  • Target market

Material Used for Upper

safety shoe material
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For many persons, the first thing they notice in a safety shoe is the upper. Materials used in making the upper of safety shoes include rubber, nylon, leather, suede leather, synthetic materials, composite materials, etc. It goes without saying that some materials cost more than the others.

Safety shoes with rubber uppers are relatively affordable but may offer less comfort. Leather uppers give the most advantages in terms of aesthetics, breathability and comfort. However, they are more expensive and this still varies on the quality of leather used.

Sole Materials Used

The soles (midsole and outsole) of safety shoes matter a lot! It is the sole that offers resistance against puncture as well as gives a good grip. Some soles are so heavy that they make the boot highly uncomfortable. A good sole should be lightweight.

Rubber and thermo polyurethane (TPU) are two choice materials for the outsoles of safety shoes. Shoe manufacturers also use Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) occasionally. TPU soles offer more than the oil and abrasion resistance of rubber soles. They are lighter and more durable. Hence, they are more expensive. There are even polyurethane double density soles. Go figure!

A very good material used by top brands for midsoles is ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). It provides stability and added comfort. Therefore, such shoes are expected to be pricey.

Brand and Quality of the Safety Shoe

brands of safety shoes
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Safety shoes from top brands like Timberland, Skechers, Keen, and Caterpillar are usually more expensive than lesser known brands. The recognition a brand has plays a major role in the price of its safety shoes.

The quality of a safety shoe is determined by its upper, midsole and outsole, mesh lining and possibly, lacing system. Shoes with good qualities are more expensive.

A lot of persons tend to rely on the quality these top brands are known for. Interestingly, lesser known brands may have affordable safety shoes with similar quality.

Features of the Safety Shoe

The basic feature of safety shoes is the toe protection they offers. However, some safety shoes offer additional features. For example, some Caterpillar safety shoes offer features like ERGO technology and its patented iTechnology. Timberland is known for its Timberland Pro® 24/7 Comfort System™ and Ever Boots for its signature Tank Tread pattern.

Shoes with such additional features will most likely cost more than even other safety shoes from the same brand.

Level of Protection

Safety shoes are built to meet safety standards. The most widely accepted standardization bodies are the ASTM and EN ISO, which regulate the American and European markets. Their set standards are classified to meet several requirements.

Under the EN ISO 20345 standard, shoes that offer toe protection and slip resistance are labeled SB (Safety basic). Those which offer SB requirements plus closed heel, antistatic, heel energy absorption, oil and fuel resistance are labeled S1. S1P refers to S1 plus puncture resistance. Labels S2 to S5 are given with increasing protection.

The higher the level of protection a safety shoe provides, the higher its price.

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Level of Comfort

comfortable safety shoes
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The comfort of safety shoes is based on varying factors. The upper material determines its breathability. The mesh lining and soles also matter. Moisture wicking nylon mesh linings are usually more comfortable. Insoles like revolt add a difference as well.

Extremely comfortable safety shoes will definitely cost more than those with minimal comfort.

The Design and Versatility of the Safety Boot

We know that safety shoes are basically designed to protect the feet. Some brands, however, raise the bar a notch higher by making designs that are really desirable. There are safety shoes designed to look like a pair of sneakers like the KEEN Utility Men’s Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Shoe.

Similarly, you can wear some safety shoes from the workplace to the gym then grocery shopping because of their versatility. These are different from the regular pull-after-work safety shoes and therefore will cost some more bucks.

Target Market

Male and female safety boots vary in their build, although both offer same protection. Variance may come in style quotient, shape, Q (quad muscle) angle, weight distribution and color options.

These disparities may result in shoes for one market being more expensive than the other.

Prices of Some Safety Shoes

prices of safety shoes
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We’ve collated some safety shoes options for you and grouped them by their price ranges. Please note that these prices are subject to change by the sellers.

Safety shoes below $50 include:

Skechers Men’s Cessnock Food Service Shoe. Buy on Amazon.

Servus XTP 15″ PVC Chemical-Resistant Steel Toe Men’s Work Boots. Buy on Amazon.

Dunlop 8908610 DURAPRO Boots. Buy on Amazon.

LA Police Gear Men’s Tactical Core 8″ Leather Side-Zip Duty/Uniform Boot. Buy on Amazon.

Safety shoes between $50-$100 include:

Skechers for Work Men’s Vinton Lanham Work Boot. Buy on Amazon.

Georgia Boot Men’s Georgia Giant High Romeo GR500 Work Boot. Buy on Amazon.

Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain Sport Alloy Toe SD+ Industrial and Construction Shoe. Buy on Amazon.

KEEN Utility Men’s Tucson Mid Work Boot. Buy on Amazon.

ROCKROOSTER Men’s Work Boots. Buy on Amazon.

Safety shoes above $100 include:

Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain Alloy-Toe Electro Static Dissipative Industrial Shoe. Buy on Amazon.

Caterpillar Men’s Convex Mid Steel Toe Work Boot. Buy on Amazon.

Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock 6″ Composite Toe Waterproof Industrial & Construction Shoe. Buy on Amazon.

Carhartt Men’s 6-Inch Waterproof Wedge Soft Toe Work Boot. Buy on Amazon.

Danner Men’s Downrange 6″ Military and Tactical Boot. Buy on Amazon.

In Conclusion,

As you research for the best safety shoes to buy for use in your workplace, set your budget and work with it. You may get some good deals on Amazon as well. Most importantly, never skimp on protection. Stay safe!

We will love to hear some feedback. Let us know how this guide has helped you. Also, tell us bits you think we missed out. Find us in the comments section below!

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