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pen cameras

How Much Do Pen Cameras Cost?

The invention of more smart security devices has made it easy to protect your life, family and properties. One of such devices is the spy camera. The spy camera, as one would expect, is being improved every day, and today we have tiny cameras that can help you keep tabs of the activities around you. Spy cameras are very convenient…

hidden camera

How Far Can a Hidden Camera Transmit?

An important factor to consider while shopping for a hidden camera is its transmission range. This refers to the maximum distance the hidden camera can send data to. The transmission range determines how wide apart your viewing device can be from the camera. Some hidden cameras transmit information to a viewing device that is miles away, while others can only…

spy cams

Do Spy Cams Make Noise?

People often ask this question for two reasons. First, they don’t want to be caught using spy cams. Second, they don’t want anyone to use spy cams on them. Funny, right? Well, with the increase in the rate of crime around the world, people have resorted to using spy cameras to protect their lives and properties. However, if you are…