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Babyproofing Your Bedroom

Babyproofing Your Bedroom

One responsibility that comes with being a parent is ensuring the safety of your child, especially in the home. Domestic accidents are one of the top reasons children under three years old visit the hospital every year. At this age, they are curious and adventurous and tend to play with anything in sight. They don’t know any better. So, it’s…


How to Prepare for a Hurricane

Hurricanes are one of the most devastating forces in Mother Nature’s arsenal. It’s almost like a combination of all of nature’s elemental fury in one catastrophic yet awe-inspiring package. Damage to life and property from hurricanes are caused by the winds, storm surge, inland flooding and tornadoes that accompany them. There’s no stopping a hurricane; but there’s definitely something you…

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How to Pack an Emergency Kit

Your emergency kit, aka disaster kit, bug-out bag or go-bag, is an essential part of your emergency plan. Depending on how well you’ve stocked yours, your chances of faring well in a disaster can be high or low. However, you tip the scales in your favor when you’ve got the bare necessities – and more – packed and ready to…