Have you always dreamt of travelling across the continent and living your dream life abroad? 

What if we tell you that getting a safe nanny job abroad is a perfect opportunity to make your dream come true?

It may not be your dream job but think about it. Getting a safe nanny job abroad will give you the opportunity to travel overseas without breaking the bank. You get to experience work-life abroad, learn a new language/accent, mingle with adorable foreign families and their kids, earn a decent income, gather some savings. Before you know it, you’re on your way to living the life of your dreams. Cool, right?

However, before you run off to apply for nanny jobs, there are a few things you must consider. The most important thing you must consider is your safety. We know you’re excited about this new adventure, but don’t be in a haste to accept any random nanny job that pops. Remember, you’re going to a strange land where you may know nobody. No family, no friends, no familiar faces. So, you must make sure that the job is safe and secure before accepting the offer. 

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How Do You Get a Safe Nanny Job Abroad?

Here are a few steps to take in your search for a safe nanny job abroad so you don’t fall into the wrong hands. 

1. Use a Reputable Nanny Abroad Agency

applying for a safe nanny job abroad
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With the increasing rate of cybercrime, you must beware of job scams and relocation frauds. Don’t fall for anyone who claims to have contacts abroad or connections to a safe nanny job abroad. You never know what evil they are cooking up in the background. They may be after your pockets. Even your life could be on the line. 

It’s always best to apply for safe nanny jobs abroad through reputable job agencies. Such agencies offer a variety of nanny jobs abroad and can help you determine the job that is best suited for you. They will most likely ask for copies of your CV, travel documents, and references. You will also need to undergo DBS checks to ensure you are healthy and safe to work around kids. 

Finally, the agency and your prospective employees will schedule a Skype interview with you to determine if you are the right fit for the job. If you’re lucky, the family may even offer to help you get a temporary visa. This may seem like a tedious process, but it’s much safer than trying to do it all by yourself. 

If you are looking for a safe nanny job in the United States, you can check out the InterExchange Au Pair USA. They operate in popular cities like; Chicago, Denver, and New York City. The best part is they can help you get a visa and a free round trip flight in the States. You also get to meet and engage with other nannies during their orientation program. If you’ve got your eyes on other countries like Australia and Germany, GeoVisions can help you work out the details. 

2. Do Your Due Diligence 

If you want to get a safe nanny job abroad, put your detective cap on and be ready to do some digging. Be extra careful even when applying through nanny agencies. Internet frauds are notorious for hiding under the guise of legitimate businesses and organisations to defraud unsuspecting individuals. So, you can never be too careful. Don’t just go with the first nanny agency that responds to your email. Make sure you do thorough research and ask questions about the organisation. Apply to other agencies. Do more research and compare your findings. 

Also, research the family. You don’t want to get entangled with a crazy family. If they expect you to live in their house, you need to find out if they live in a safe neighbourhood. Are they violent people? Do they have guns? And most importantly, where will you sleep? Ignore these questions at your own risk. 

3. Read Your Contract Thoroughly 

read your contract
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Wait a minute! Before you append your signature on that contract, have you read it thoroughly? We know the offer sounds juicy. Don’t be blindsided by all that glitter and shine. If it feels too good to be true, then it most likely is too good to be true. You need to calm down and think.

From our experience in business, we can tell you first-hand that contracts can be a bit tricky. You’ll never know until there’s trouble in paradise and then, you’ll be held at ransom by one tiny clause you may have missed in the contract. Read in between the lines and don’t let any information slip through the cracks. If necessary, get a lawyer to interpret the terms of the contract to you.

4. Trust Your Guts

This may sound weird, but sometimes, you need to listen to your intuition. Like we will always say, the first isn’t always the best. You don’t have to sign up with the first family to take a liking to you. If you get a weird feeling or vibe about them, that’s your cue to leave. If it doesn’t feel right, please listen to that gut feeling. Look out for red flags. If you find any, don’t be logical about it. If something doesn’t sit right with you, ask questions and take necessary precautions. You may just be saving yourself from a lot of trouble. 

There you have it! Four simple ways to get a safe nanny job abroad. We can already picture you playing with kids in the park, enjoying conversations with new acquaintances and soaking in the fresh air abroad. Now, go out there and get that dream nanny job abroad. 

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