Do Nanny Cameras Have Audio?

Over the years, nanny cameras have proven to be great surveillance devices for parents and guardians. They are security cameras that help you keep tabs on your children and their caregivers when you’re away. You’ve probably watched a TV show or movie where parents use these cameras to see if their kids are sleeping in their room or playing in a safe corner of the house. You can also use nanny cameras as visual tools to monitor your aged relatives and employees at work.

Asides from watching your loved ones, you may be wondering if these spy cameras have other useful features. Perhaps you’re wondering if you will be able to hear your child’s voice in the video footage. And that raises the question,

Do nanny cameras have audio? 

Well, you’re just about to find out. Let’s keep reading.

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Quick Facts About Spy Cameras

Nanny cameras come in different shapes, colours, designs and sizes. They are often very small and portable. They are small enough to be caught in between your thumb and index finger. Spy cameras come in small sizes so that they can be hidden and invisible. The idea is to ensure that they are not easily detectable.

In some countries, nanny cameras are considered to be a violation of your nanny or care-giver’s privacy. The law in such states says it’s illegal to take audio recordings of a person without their knowledge or consent. You’d agree with me that spying on someone is kind of creepy. That is the why most of these cameras are produced without audio features. This prevents you from listening to the conversations between your children and their nanny or playmates.

So, yes, some nanny cameras have audio features. But before buying one, be sure that you are not breaking the law. Before installing a nanny camera in your house, ensure that all parties involved give their consent. Even if you have the best intentions, your motives could be easily misinterpreted And please, do not keep them in private areas of your house like the bathroom, toilet or the room of your live-in nanny. 

Audio Features in Nanny Cameras 

Some nanny cameras come with amazing audio features that give quality sound and voice recording. However, these features differ depending on the type of camera you want to buy. 

  • Motion Sensors

Motion sensors or detectors in nanny cameras enable you to sense when someone walks into your children’s room or even when a burglar enters your house while you are away at work. However, this type of nanny camera only possesses motion sensors. You won’t be able to hear the sound or noise detected because they don’t have sound detectors.

  • Sound Detectors

The most exciting thing about nanny cameras that have sound detectors is that you get to hear the voice of your little ones. You can see and hear the interaction between your kids and their nanny. You can hear what they are saying to their playmates during sleepovers. The sound detector in these cameras also helps you to know when your baby is crying. It can expose a nanny using inappropriate language with your child or your elderly relatives being verbally abused by their care-givers. 

  • Two-Way Audio Features

A two-way audio nanny camera would be great if you want to maintain communication with your children while you are away. It allows you to talk to your kids and give their nanny instructions when you’re not at home. You can install them outside your house if your kids enjoy playing outdoors. You can install them in your lawn, the garage, playground or swimming pool. This way, you can keep an eye on them so they don’t get into any kind of danger outside. If it’s your elderly parents you wish to converse with, it can serve you just the same.  

You can also use it to monitor your staff at work and ensure that they discharge their duties as instructed. It provides an easy means of supervising your daily business operations and communicating effectively with your staff.

One important thing you should look out for in a two-way audio nanny cam is the built-in microphone speaker. It transports quality sound and speech in no time. Wyze Cam and YI Camera are great two-way audio nanny cameras you should try. 

Non-Audio Nanny Cameras

You might be wondering why anyone would bother getting a nanny camera without audio features. It’s easy to see why you would think non-audio cameras are no good. They don’t let you hear the sound of the people you are monitoring or communicate with them whereas you can do that with an audio spy camera. I know what you’re thinking,

What’s the use of watching someone if you can’t hear what they are saying?

Well, there is the thing about privacy violation and legal issues which you have to consider. Remember that some countries have laws that forbids you from taking an audio recording of a person without their consent. If you’re filing a lawsuit against your children’s nanny or caregiver for abuse, tapes from an audio nanny camera will not be accepted as evidence in court because it is a violation of the law. You could be held liable for breaking the law. Yes, your nanny can sue you for breach of privacy.

But don’t let that deter you. If you live in a place where an audio recording is prohibited, then simply settle for non-audio nanny cameras. Non-audio nanny cameras possess every other feature you can find in an audio nanny camera. They allow you to watch over your kids or your aged relatives without breaking the law. They can also serve as a good home and office surveillance tool.

When you purchase a non-audio nanny camera, remember to install your nanny camera in public areas of your house to avoid breaching people’s privacy. You don’t want to stumble upon something you may regret watching. Public areas like your living room, kitchen and dining room are good places to install your nanny camera. 

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