Baby Proofing

Babyproofing Your Bedroom

Babyproofing Your Bedroom

One responsibility that comes with being a parent is ensuring the safety of your child, especially in the home. Domestic accidents are one of the top reasons children under three years old visit the hospital every year. At this age, they are curious and adventurous and tend to play with anything in sight. They don’t know any better. So, it’s…

baby gates

Do I Really Need Baby Gates?

The issue of childproofing your home cannot be over flogged. When you get started, it might get almost overwhelming. So many recommendations, so many fittings to be done, yet it only gets more confusing. You’ve probably heard people talk about baby gates a lot and wonder “do I really need baby gates?” As usual, we’re here to guide you. Read…

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When Should I Childproof My Home?

The home should be the safest and most secure place for a child. Unfortunately, several domestic accidents still occur here. The most prevalent causes of domestic accidents range from food poisoning to accidental drowning, burns, and falls. Children’s impulsiveness, safety ignorance, and curiosity make them the most vulnerable to domestic accidents. These harmful and unintended events lead to child injuries,…